Saturday, February 09, 2013

Marla and John's Baby Birthday Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

It was such a beautiful sunny day for Marla and John's baby's birthday session. Finally. Marla and I have been rescheduling their baby's 1-Year birthday session right before Christmas.  Our timing never worked out or if it did, the weather was too cold and rainy.  I am glad that we finally got the chance to photograph their baby, and it was so much fun to see their baby girl standing up on her own and trying to walk around by herself.  Too cute!

Marla and John are one of my awesome St. Augustine wedding couples!! I had such a blast at their wedding, and I am thankful that they had me photograph their first baby :)  I love this family very much, and I am going to miss photographing Baby K every 3-4 months.  Below is a recap of our previous photo sessions during Baby K's first year:

Newborn Session

Spring Session

Fall Session


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_01-12_zps88a5f1f3.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_02-12_zps08b3eb29.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_03-12_zpsd9b8874d.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_04-12_zps84edeacc.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_05-12_zpse1132fbd.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_06-12_zpsbbff3a27.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_07-12_zps61666c9a.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_08-12_zps7e74b17f.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_09-12_zps0524325f.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_10-12_zps03e47b92.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_11-12_zpsd874acdb.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_12-12_zps8a612967.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_13-12_zpsdfb88802.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_14-11_zps37e24f7e.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_15-11_zps3d0602a5.jpg

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