Saturday, February 09, 2013

Holly and Brock's Baby Birthday Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Always a bittersweet moment when it is time for me to photograph my baby client's 1-Year birthday session because that means that it is the last session of their Yearbook photo plan with me.  I don't get to photograph them every 3-4 months after the first year, but I am so happy that this is not the case with Holly and Brock's family.  Their baby boy just turned one last month, but Holly and Brock are expecting their new baby sometime this month!!  I am so excited that they bought another Yearbook plan with me for their new baby girl (yay!).  This means that I get to spend another year with this wonderful family!! :)

Our birthday session was so much fun, and Baby G did such a great job smashing his birthday cake!  His mom, dad and big brother got to eat some of the cake before it was completely smashed :)  We all had such a great timeProp to Holly and Brock for suggesting this fun park.  I'm loving the castle playground!  I cannot wait to see them again later this month for another photo-shoot!

Here's a recap of the past sessions:

Newborn Session

Spring Session

Fall Session


 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_01_zpsdcebe979.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_02_zps54359434.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_03_zpsbb0d14a2.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_04_zpse6ca6447.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_05_zps5b1f53d7.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_06_zps40d80d7c.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_07_zpsfa4c2c12.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_08_zpsae4db0a5.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_09_zps4f51d645.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_10_zps2797156c.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_11_zpsc9343cc0.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_12_zps4c6e187e.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_13_zpsac5e727b.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_15_zps34ad662f.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_16_zpsb6df3484.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_17_zps629e7b80.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_18_zps47754fe3.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_19_zpsf5b00941.jpg

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_photographer_20_zps37554278.jpg


Holly said...

These are awesome~ yet again! You are so talented! Brock and I were saying earlier how thankful we are that we did these.. we will forever be able to look back on them and we soooo appreciate you!!! <3

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Hi Holly!

Thank you so much for the sweet words! YAY, this past year had been great taking pictures of your adorable baby and beautiful family!! I appreciate you guys!!


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