Sunday, June 07, 2009

Appelfeldt's Family Photo Session - Jacksonville, FL

Apparently, iTunes in Sweden and here in America are very different. It took us awhile to find a song for this slideshow. Rebecka and Joel would tell me of a Swedish song for the slideshow, but I am not able to find it in my iTunes nor even in music download, whereas they can in their iTunes in Sweden. After a couple of weeks of searching for songs, we finally found one, and I'm very happy to present this slideshow :)

Their two adorable boys melted my heart, especially when the older one talks to me in Swedish. Ah, it was love at first "sound" :) We originally planned for a beach session, but it was raining here and there and very gloomy on that day. We decided to hit the county dock in Mandarin since it was a couple of blocks away from their grandparent's home, and we did a few shots at the barn when the sun peeked in a little bit :)

I've known Rebecka since 1997, and I'm truly blessed to be friends with the Hutchins family :) You may have seen the previous pictures of the other Hutchins siblings in my blog before:



My favorite!! I just love the look on Rebecka and Joel's faces :)


Tara said...

Love the shot of the couple by the stop sign, very cute!

Brittania Garden Photoart said...

love that park!! great shots!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Tara-thanks, girl! :)

@Brittani-that park is awesome :) Thanks for the blog love! :)

Mom said...

These are really cool shots, girl!


Lenara Funk said...

I love that park Cory! You did a fabulous job as always! :-)

Tracy said...

Too bad you couldn't go to Sweden for the shoot! I went a couple years ago and it is GORGEOUS! : D

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Lenara-thanks so much for always stopping by in my blog and for the sweet comments! That park is beautiful :)

@Tracy-aahh..don't rub it in, hehe! I really want to go to Sweden one of these days!! I just found out two weeks ago that one of my best friends here is going this time will come ;-) LOL

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