Saturday, April 12, 2008

Young Folks - Erika, David & Caroline's Portrait Session - Jacksonville FL Portrait Photographer

God truly blessed us with an amazing sunshine last Saturday. The weather forecast showed 60% rain, and it was very gloomy at 7 am on my way to pick up my friends from Sweden for our photo session. I have known Erika, Caroline and their family since 1997. Their older sister and brother, Rebecka and John, and I became instant pen pals when I first met them at a Messianic Synagogue. None of us are Jewish, but I must say it was a divine appointment by God for a new friendship to blossom. :)

The Hutchins are from Sweden and they come to Jacksonville at least once a year to visit their grandparents. I get the privilege to hang out with them when they're in town :) Sometimes, not the whole family comes together and over the years, we have grown and gotten this time, Rebecka and John would bring their spouses when they visit Jacksonville. Erika came with Caroline, their parents, and this time, her boyfriend David. I enjoyed meeting David because he knows how to work it in front of the camera and behind the camera! He's a photography enthusiasts, as well :) David, if you're reading this post..I'm still waiting on those hockey pictures! ;-)

Erika, David and Caroline are truly photogenic, and I am glad that we were able to fit in a photo session just right before they left back for Sweden :) Enjoy the pictures!


Here are a few of my favorites:

I LOVE JUMPING ACTION SHOTS (so just a lil' FYI, if you're having a session done with me soon, be prepared to jump)!!!

More fun pictures :)

Gotta have my picture taken with everybody ;-)


Bludsworth Studios said...

Good shots Corinna, we love the backgrounds that you choose for the shots, looks like you guys a lot of fun!

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

I love the colors in these photos and the energy you have captured.

Staci Landis Photographic Art said...

Oooh...they are VERY fun!!! I love jumping shots, too! Well, I usually have "kids" jumping...but's the jumping that counts! Great pics. I love all the colors/backgrounds in them. Awesome! :-)

Courtney Craver Photography said...

These are really good! The colors really pop.. but the people themselves do not look over saturated.. good balance!

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