Monday, April 14, 2008

Wedding Coordinators

Yay! My artwork is featured in another vendor's website. I recently worked with Cassie from Flaire Weddings and Events at Naomi and Jon's wedding. She just revamped her site, and she has some of my photos there showcasing Naomi & Jon's wedding :) Thanks, Cassie, and I hope to work with you again!

Brides, it is always a great idea to hire a wedding coordinator so you will be less stressed on your wedding day and enjoy more of all the precious moments :) And you won't be so much of a bridezilla to many ;-) I admit, I am a control freak, and I like to plan out my whole wedding especially with us having a destination wedding in Las Vegas. Hiring Rebecca as my wedding coordinator at the Bellagio Hotel really helped me out plan a perfect fairy-tale wedding. Don't think that hiring one will lose the creativity you want to achieve. You can still plan how you want your wedding day to unfold, and the wedding coordinators are there to make sure that everything will happen smoothly on your day.

Kudos to Cassie of Flaire Weddings and Events. If you're planning on getting married at the Bellagio Hotel like we did, look for Rebecca Labonne. :) Good luck!

On a side note, Bobby and I originally planned for a 07.07.07 wedding last year in Vegas, and boy are we glad that we had it on May 31st instead. It was already super hot then and not to mention a bit pricey ;) Las Vegas truly made a revenue on 07.07.07 because all the wedding packages for that day doubled and room rates tripled :(


Flaire Weddings and Events said...

Cory -- thanks so much for the kudos! And I'm thrilled to have your pictures on the site -- they add so much! =)

Tracy said...

Hey! That's my wedding coordinator! : )

Ooooh... and we will have the same anniversary... May 31st! *sigh* Only 37 more days to go! So much to do!!

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