Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lederman!!

Naomi was a beautiful bride and very gutsy, I may add! She had her hair cut super short just days before the wedding, and she looked like a supermodel on her wedding day :) I had fun capturing all the intimate moments between Naomi and Jon! Their families and guests were really awesome and sweet!

Being a part of Naomi and Jon's special day is one of the many reasons why I love wedding photography, and it also convinces me that Jacksonville is truly a "small city!" Another photog friend of mine, Lyndsay, referred me to Naomi and lo and behold, Jon and my husband know each other from high school, so Naomi had invited Bobby to their wedding. Some of our good friends like Guerrin, Justin and Ritter were at the wedding as well. It was almost like a high school reunion for my husband. Instead of hanging out with the guys, I had put Bobby to work and assist me instead. Watch out world, another husband and wife photographer team is in the making :)

Enjoy the slideshow and the pictures!!
**As many of you know, I'm still not savvy with Photoshop and watermarking my pictures. If anyone else but Naomi and Jon copy off the pictures from my blog, please contact me for copywright permission and be sure to credit the pictures to my name. Thank you sooo much!**


Here's a picture of Ritter, Guerrin & Bobby (Justin, we couldn't find you!):

Lastly, I want to personally endorse two awesome vendors that were at Naomi and Jon's wedding, Carlton of McGee Entertainment & Events, Inc and Cassie of Flaire Weddings and Events! They were both terrific in my book :)


Naomi said...

I LOVE IT ALL!!!! But, then again... I am the bride. Thank you to Corrina, and Bobby.

Shores Photography said...

you really know how to capture the emotion here!

Guerin Lott said...

What beautiful pictures! You are an awesome photographer Cori!!

Staci Landis said...

Awesome pics, Corinna! I love them! Fun, fun, fun! Keep up the good work! :-)

Bludsworth Studios said...

good shots! did you shot that dress picture with a fisheye? 15mm?

Flaire Weddings and Events said...

Hi Corinna!

The pictures turned out beautifully! Thanks so much for sending the link. I look forward to working with you more in the future!

Jess Cumbie said...

My last wedding was at the same place! I love how you have the slide show link right back to the front page of your website... very cool, and smart... damn marketing schoolin!

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