Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is the great time of the year for rebirth (just in case you didn't follow through with your New Year's resolution!) I just want to thank the Lord for giving me such great friends like all of you! Thank you for all of your support with my photography passion and helping me making the business into a reality! I've been doing weddings for 5 years now but mostly only for friends and co-workers. Now, more brides are finding out about me since the launch of my website last fall. Most of you tell me to go ahead and be a photographer full-time! Believe me, I do and I thought why not now since Easter is all about rebirth and this is the time to get out of my cocoon ;-) LOL Well, the level-headed side of me keeps telling me not until student loans are all paid off! After all, I have my Marketing job now, and I really love that too!! Best of both worlds (gotta love Hannah Montana's song).

Maybe next Easter, I'm ready to spread my wings and go on full-time ;-) We will see. For now, I am just loving the ride that God put me on, and I rest my future in God's hands. This Easter, please take time to reflect on your own blessings. It's not just all about the bunny and Easter eggs, but this is also the time to heal any hurt feelings, mend broken dreams and enjoy the company of your family and friends.

I love you all and have a HAPPY EASTER!!

God bless :)

Corinna (Cory)

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