Friday, June 13, 2008

John & Kadri are in Town :)

John & Kadri are back in the States this year to visit their families. John is Erika and Caroline's brother--remember their photo session back in April? Bobby and I are so happy that John and Kadri got to come over tonight at the house for desserts. It was a short visit, but "sweet" indeed :) I just found out that John & Kadri are both photography enthusiasts, as well.. and it's nice to have people appreciate my work. It was so cute to watch them both getting all excited over my Canon cameras and lenses--haha, just like how I am when I'm at a camera store ;-)

They just bought a Nikon D40, and Kadri taught me a lot about Nikon cameras since I really don't know how to use one ;-) In turn, I let her use my Canon gears and the Gary Fong diffuser. Apparently, Gary Fong stuff have not made it big in Sweden yet. Kadri really likes it, and I wonder if Gary ships items to Sweden? Hmmn....

For now, enjoy our group shot taken at out kitchen.. 

((Picture link removed)) 

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