Saturday, June 14, 2008

Silver Lining


I believe that every cloud has a silver lining and good things will come out from every bad situation.

People say, "you should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days."

"No matter how bad and stormy things seem to be right now, ultimately, there's hope and a ray of sunshine just waiting to get through - and that you're gonna be just fine in the end."

With my case of all bad lucks this week (and Friday the 13th is just mere superstitious), I will continue to believe that someone out there will turn in my camera memory cards.

Thank you all sooo much for believing with me! I am thankful to prayers, to friends and to Jesus and happy to announce that my memory cards have been recovered--YAY! Mel, no, they weren't stolen. I put them in my shorts pocket after a photo session that I did at the beach this past Saturday...pretty much, went home.. and they were gone...I went back to the beach later that night before it got dark..traced all my "footsteps" around town...went back to Starbucks (b/c that's where I had them last when I was viewing the cards in my camera), Roy's area, Sunrise Surf Shop, Beach Bowl and asked all those vendors if they have the cards in their lost and found area..I've cleaned out my car several times, my camera bag, checked my shorts pocket again and even simulated my actions to see how the cards would fall out of my pocket...let's just say that God eventually felt sorry for me and my card reappeared in His glory!! Thank you to those sweet people that helped me look for them :) Steph, I'm taking your advice--I'm going to write down "For Cash Reward!" on the back of all my memory cards along w/ my contact info :)


Mel said...

what??? someone stole your CF cards? I do hope they are returned soon... I'm so sorry. :(

Rachel Brooke said...

Oh man..sorry to hear about your cards. I hope they return them. It's refreshing to read your positive attitude inspite of it though!

Stephanie said...

Just please tell me that you had either backed up or it wasn't a paid event... ie a wedding! I lost mem cards in a pecan field not long ago- shooting for another photographer- I walked that field with a flash light for @ 2 hrs and did not find them- the lady, who's house we were shooting at, found them on the patio where we spent all of the pre ceremony shots at.. anyway, Jaime is smart enough to have a little tag on her CF cards that has her name, add, phone # and "for cash reward" something I def need to do. I am declaring that your cards be returned- unharmed and all materials still in tact! I am believing with you also! I know how hard this is... I just went through it myself. ~S.

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