Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Laura and Glenn's Twin Maternity Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Love this sweet family, and I am super excited that I get to photograph Laura, Glenn, their son Lil' E and this time with their twins!!  You may remember their son from his Yearbook session two years ago, and I am so happy that Laura and Glenn decided to have the Yearbook session for their twins also :)  They are having a boy and a girl, and Laura's baby bump is super adorable!  She's due soon, and I cannot wait to meet their newest family members!!

It seems like it was just yesterday when I met Laura and Glenn for their first maternity session.  That was such a fun session also, and here's the direct link to that blog post:


By the way, it was really foggy during our twin maternity session last week, but I like how it turned out for the pictures :) Special thanks to Laura's sister, Robin, for helping us out during the session and keeping Lil' E entertained the whole time!


 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_002_zpse100f0cf.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_001_zps11013791.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_003_zpsaff8d8c1.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_008_zps792dc454.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_005_zps631c5e1f.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_007_zps706ee23a.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_006_zps48702471.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_004_zps86e2bb3b.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_009_zps095679bd.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_010_zpse064991c.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_012_zpsd60ec7df.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_015_zps15958910.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_014_zps70618d2f.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_013_zps904f5c39.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_011_zps3e64aa4f.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_016_zps82ecad6b.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_020_zps91c5ab58.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_021_zps50a99ccb.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_019_zpsde7df8b2.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_018_zpsbfed1120.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_017_zpsb5b1abd0.jpg
Here's Robin entertaining Lil' E in during our photo shoot--she rocks!! :)

 photo jacksonville_florida_twin_photographer_022_zps101d776e.jpg

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Laura said...

Thank you for these! They're beautiful! It was fun as always. And I'll be calling you before you know it to schedule the newborn session!

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