Friday, March 14, 2014

Lorna and Daulton's Wedding Sneak Peeks - Jacksonville FL Wedding Photographer

It was my first time photographing at Laytn's Land-n in Yulee, and that place is magical! I'm grateful that Lorna and Daulton chose me to be their wedding photographer! Check out the sneak-peek photos below, and I can't wait to share more pictures from their special day! Stay tuned :)


 photo jacksonville_florida_wedding_photographer_100_zps32fa8a35.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_wedding_photographer_103_zps20622454.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_wedding_photographer_104_zps6c3bdab0.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_wedding_photographer_101_zps985cd29b.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_wedding_photographer_102_zps7b208e40.jpg
 photo jacksonville_florida_wedding_photographer_105_zps0526a75a.jpg


Unknown said...

Love the bridal car!


Aron Brack said...

I need to reserve a beautiful event space Kansas City. It should have accommodation for around 400 people and the arrangements should be best. Do you have any suggestions for that?

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