Saturday, March 09, 2013

Laura and Glenn's Baby Birthday Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Seems like it was just yesterday when I photographed Laura and Glenn's maternity session.  Their little boy is super adorable, and it had been a pleasure to photograph his first year!  It is crazy how time flies.  I enjoyed every moment I spent with this family. I was able to photograph Laura and Glenn's baby more than four times actually.  I got to hang out and take pictures of both Laura and Glenn's sides of family last summer and right before the holidays.  It was great to see everyone again at the birthday party.  It's always a bittersweet moment to photograph my baby client's 1-year birthday party because it usually means it's the last session, yet it is such a fun time taking pictures of the baby smashing the cake :) 

Below is a recap from all of the sessions I've done for Laura and Glenn.  Be sure to check out the slideshow below as well for more pictures from the birthday party! I'm loving the "Monster" theme that Laura and Glenn had for the party.  I actually thought they were going to have a Star Wars theme for their son's birthday party since Glenn is such a huge fan of Star Wars. Either way, it was still a fun time, and I loved the Monster Slime drink!!

Maternity Session

Newborn Session

Baby's Summer Session
Baby's Fall Session

Baby's Holiday Session

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_010-2_zpsfe62f7ee.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_006-2_zps3dc1d091.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_004-2_zpsf7fc78a0.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_001-2_zpsf9e64c12.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_002-2_zpsc6c2d966.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_003-2_zpsb123aa4f.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_005-2_zps9c01a89b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_007-2_zpsa95eb9c9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_008-2_zpsbc26a644.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_009-2_zpse25bbae8.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_011-2_zpsbbe6b32c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_012-2_zpsf4c281a4.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_013-2_zps18341e1a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_014-2_zpsd1b3d447.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_015-2_zps9dc618f2.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_016-2_zpseb1daae2.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_017-2_zpsf1e779e9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_018-2_zpsed35b1c8.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_019-2_zps5937ad47.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Baby_Photographer_020-2_zps7e4e7d37.jpg


Cory's Mom said...

Good job!


Laura said...

You are simply awesome! Thank you for capturing wonderful memories of our family. Can't wait to work with you again!

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