Friday, March 08, 2013

Sonja's Mommy-and-Me Birthday Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Always fun to photograph Sonja's Mommy-and-Me session.  It was so cold at our first session, and this year, we had to reschedule our initial shoot because it got so cold again.  We finally got the chance to photograph her baby girl's birthday photo-shoot and of course, we did some Mommy-and-Me shots also.  Her little girl is super adorable, and it was so cute to photograph her beautiful expressions when she was playing with the balloons.  Moments like that are very special, and I'm happy that I got to photograph her.  It's amazing how simple things like a bouquet of balloons can just spark the child's emotions and have her burst into laughter!

It was still a chilly morning for their photo-session, but we all had a blast!  Big thanks to Sonja for having me once again capture this special time of her daughter's life on photographs!


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_001-1_zps4898ec87.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_002-1_zps47ecd399.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_003-1_zps4960293e.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_004-1_zps7ca80b41.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_005-1_zpsc05278c7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_006-1_zps2760e3cf.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_007-1_zpseec2f865.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_008-1_zpsd2019437.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_009-1_zpsfa1277de.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_010-1_zps7da86e15.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_011-1_zps064f3d29.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_012-1_zpsa05f2d5d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_013-1_zps03745fe9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_014-1_zpsbaad61d7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_015-1_zpsa1773a4d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_016-1_zps98d818f7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_017-1_zps0a1d97f4.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Birthday_Photographer_018-1_zpsdde8ae6c.jpg

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Cory's Mom said...

Love that shot of her giving the lollipop to her mom.


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