Friday, March 28, 2014

Holly and Brock's Baby First Birthday Session - Waycross GA Family Photographer

Always a bittersweet moment for me when I photograph my family client's baby's 1-year birthday session. It is such a happy moment, but it is also the last photo-shoot in our Yearbook session.  I'm going to miss this one particular family a lot.

It has been a joy photographing Holly and Brock's beautiful family for the past 2 years.  It was fun capturing all the first years for both of their baby boy and baby girl! Holly and Brock moved to Waycross last summer, so we had their baby girl's Fall Session and Birthday Session done in Georgia.  I'm glad they picked their home for the last session because it is so beautiful up there!  I'm thankful for this family and for their friendship.  Holly is super sweet just like the fudges she makes for me :)  She always sends me a thank you card after our session too!  I'm going to miss photographing this family, and I'm more than happy to drive up to Georgia again whenever they need new pictures (hint, hint Holly and Brock)!

Be sure to check out their slideshow below for more pictures from their baby girl's birthday session!  Here's also a recap of our past sessions:

Baby Boy's 1-Year Birthday Session (technically, Holly is pregnant with their baby girl during this session)

Newborn Session

Baby's Spring Session

Baby's Fall Session


 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_004_zpse1e714c6.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_003_zps6430bf07.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_002_zps55ac4efb.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_001_zps41aea3e2.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_008_zpsee8d7d17.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_009_zps689616a2.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_006_zps2c0bc7ad.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_007_zps2501fa00.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_005_zps9cd5dff6.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_010_zpsfe299eb6.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_011_zpsd810a284.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_012_zps66ae7b2e.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_014_zpsd8a0a4cd.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_013_zpsc3ea320b.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_015_zps89e63933.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_016_zps3d60c53e.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_017_zps306e6b7e.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_018_zps57c3f450.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_019_zps9248ff69.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_022_zpsca58543f.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_021_zpsc493b874.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_020_zps0415a26a.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_025_zps1edce1a4.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_026_zps831a3d59.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_027_zpsb9ee5698.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_024_zps792a4a98.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_023_zps3fd38946.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_029_zps33612c01.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_028_zpse4fb22d0.jpg
 photo Waycross_Georgia_Family_Photographer_030_zps2a4d4a3b.jpg


Holly said...

It makes my heart happy seeing these! They all came out great! <3 Thank you for capturing so many wonderful and special moments for both of our babies. I have no doubts we will be in touch again soon.. I'm not sure sure if it will be for another baby or not, ha!! BUT, I think you are so amazingly talented and we all love you! THANK YOU!!! <3

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Aww, thanks, Holly!!!! I'm so happy to hear that you are enjoying the photos :) As always, I had a great time photographing your beautiful family and thank you so much for having me as your "family photographer" :) Truly means a lot to me, and I heart all of you guys!! Thank YOU and Brock!! xoxo

Cory's Mom said...

Love Holly's earrings! Where can i get a pair? Could you ask?


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