Friday, March 28, 2014

Michelle and Derek's Baby Spring Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Love this family and their happy smiling babies! I'm grateful for Michelle and Derek to have me photograph all the special moments for their beautiful children.  Their son is about to turn one-year-old this summer, and he's already getting up on his own.  He will be walking on his own anytime now :)

I had a great time at our Spring photo-shoot earlier in the month. This family is always so stylish, and their little girl is also adorable as always!  So happy that I get to be their "family photographer," and I can't wait for our next photo session. Baby H will be smashing his own cake, and here's a link to his big sister's own birthday session a couple of years ago:


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_001_zps3912c8b5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_002_zps336eebc4.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_003_zps8010cca2.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_005_zps75d0e86b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_006_zpsbf10d28f.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_007_zps98764d9b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_008_zps2565b678.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_009_zps9bcbbe88.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_010_zpsa993aa00.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_011_zps0f95458c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_012_zps2ec260e0.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_013_zps0b5e043a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_004_zps12dc6ee7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_014_zps9d220444.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_015_zps7cb06260.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_016_zpse7924440.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_018_zpsbf38f824.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_020_zps36f44171.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_019_zpsd8c8506c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_017_zpse81c69f5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_021_zpse0fb2342.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_023_zps7498bc6b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_022_zpse020d012.jpg


Holly said...

That is one adorable little dude! And I can't get over all of his smiles!

Michelle said...

Awe, I love all the pics so much!! The kids did SO good this session. Thank you so much for capturing my sweet babies growing up!!!!!!!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Hi Holly!

Thank you for the blog love on Michelle and Derek's family session also!! :)
He sure was a smiling baby! He just laughed and chuckled the whole entire session, lol :)


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Thanks, Michelle! Awww, yay!!

Happy to hear you're loving the pics!! :) I can't believe how fast they are growing up!!


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