Friday, February 07, 2014

Thursday Therapy Jacksonville's October 2013 Event - Jacksonville FL Event Photographer

As I mentioned in my other post, I'm finding all these "forgotten files" in my hard drive.  I'm trying to make more space, so I'm in the process of organizing my pictures.  Here's a Thursday Therapy event that I co-host with Cassie Cherneski of Flaire Weddings and Events.  It is always a great time for wedding vendors to get together and network during our "off-hours."  I never really get the chance to catch up with vendors when I'm working at a wedding, so having the Thursday Therapy once a month is perfect for me to stay in touch with everyone.  We meet on the last Thursday of each month from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm at different venues.  The wonderful 927 Events hosted our October get-together.  The venue has such a rad vibe to it, and Chef Chriss did an amazing job with the food!  Choux Bakery treated us with her sweet macarons!  I'm obssessed with her macarons by the way, and this reminds me that I have to order some from her for Valentine's Day!! :)

Check them out!

927 Events
927 West Forsyth Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Choux Bakery
458 Marquette Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32210


 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_001_zps8daa2ad7.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_003_zps13e28e37.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_002_zpscda9e293.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_004_zps36a9f62e.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_006_zps9a0d21b3.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_005_zps3eaaa30c.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_007_zps5cdd4759.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_010_zps63b023ff.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_011_zpsac38258d.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_012_zpsb7785291.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_014_zps97171bd6.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_008_zps044d3d70.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_013_zpseb6ead9c.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_009_zps47e2a286.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_016_zpsa26a2ac6.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_015_zpsc2766968.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_017_zps04465db5.jpg
 photo Thursday_Therapy_Jacksonville_Florida_018_zps836430f8.jpg

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