Saturday, February 08, 2014

Jody's Show Dogs Photo Session - Orlando FL Portrait Photographer

My stepsister, Jody, has the best show dogs, and I am so proud of their accomplishments! My stepdad and I drove down to Orlando right before the holidays and met up with Jody to see her dogs compete.  We were only there during the first day of the 2013 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, and it was SO cool to see a lot of pampered dogs in different breeds!

In between their show times, I was able to get some photos of Jody's two beautiful dogs, Bentley and Mercedes.  I think they are silky terriers, but I'm not 100% sure :) It sure was fun taking their photos though.  It was a first for me to photograph just dogs.  Jody's dog trainer and show handler is so great with the dogs, and he is in some of the photos too :) I had fun, and it's always to see Jody also!


 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_011_zpscb62678f.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_010_zps639e533c.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_004_zpsf7dcfe04.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_003_zpsc255ecb9.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_002_zpsec05c84d.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_005_zpsdf3fe730.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_007_zpsde3451f8.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_006_zps398b3da6.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_001_zps7a4752da.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_008_zps21aea055.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_009_zpsc520331b.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_012_zpscd550f7c.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_013_zpsa745f8d5.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_014_zps0395ceb1.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_015_zps13dd823c.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_019_zps71f2e247.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_016_zps5e984aa7.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_018_zps8dca7ff0.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_017_zps86a62a9e.jpg
 photo AKC_Dog_Show_Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_020_zpsf2cf9abc.jpg


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Novelista Barista said...

So cute the baby pictures!!!! Are u located anywhere in New York by chance?

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Thanks @Novelista Barista! I'm based here in Florida :) :)

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