Friday, February 07, 2014

Visiting Kristine and Richard in Los Angeles - Jacksonville FL Travel Photographer

Meet my lovely cousin in Los Angeles, Kristine! It was so great to see her again after so many years.  I am glad I got to hang out with her not just once but twice while I was visiting California last summer! She and her husband Richard were in the process of remodeling their home in Silver Lake, and it was fun seeing all the things they have done to it.  Their modern house remodel was all set right before the holidays and their two-year wedding anniversary, which was just a few days ago!  They are the proud parents of Bagel, who is seriously one of the cutest dogs I've ever seen!  I still think Kristine and Richard need to start Bagel's own Instagram account by the way.  She's such a super sweet dog and photogenic also ;)

Kristine owns a letterpress company called, Presshaus LA, and she does amazing work!! Definitely check her out for your save-the-date announcements, wedding invitations, and even for your business cards!! Go to her site now to see samples of her past work:

Here are some of the photos I took of her and Richard with Bagel at their house.  By the way, Kristine's new letterpress machine also arrived on the same day I visited her for the second time. That was pretty neat!  After all of the excitement, she and I celebrated at Handsome Coffee Roasters shop that I've been wanting to check out while I was in LA!  She also took me out for lunch at Bottega Louie earlier that day, and of course, I had to get some of their infamous macarons too!  Thanks again for driving me around that day, Kristine!! Seeing her and my Aunt was definitely one of the highlights of my Cali trip :)


 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_001_zps6eb18b4d.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_002_zpsf597738f.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_003_zpsf8fe5e16.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_004_zps765057c1.jpg
I LOVE that wagging tail!! :) 

 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_005_zps8ed423da.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_006_zps376bd469.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_007_zpsd45b2d49.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_008_zps00ea2a24.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_010_zpscb9773e7.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_011_zps2414ba05.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_012_zpsf9e2a6cd.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_015_zps1bb13dac.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_014_zpsad1656ea.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_013_zps8266a733.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_016_zps4db1868e.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_017_zpsa5c17095.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_018_zpsec155f60.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_019_zpsa5040ad7.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_020_zps6c2d89c3.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_021_zps6fa6791d.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_022_zps9cf7374c.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_023_zps9fdd944c.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_024_zps9e7570e8.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_025_zpse88cad4e.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Lifestyle_Photography_026_zps2a52518f.jpg

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kristine said...

I don't know what to say. This is such a pleasant surprise! Thank you for lending your talent during your vacation and for capturing a unique time in our lives. The house was almost, but not yet finished and the new press had just arrived. Corinna, you are a gem and I'm so glad we're connected as more than friends.
This was the icing to our anniversary. xo// k

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