Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lena and Jimmy's Engagement Session - St Augustine FL Wedding Photographer

It was such lovely day in St. Augustine, Florida when Lena and Jimmy had their engagement session!  It also happened to be the same day that a Celtic Festival and parade were going on, so needless to say, the traffic in St. Augustine was super jammed!  I got lucky with my parking spot, and I was able to find Lena and Jimmy with no problems.  Jimmy's two sisters, brother-in-law, and his step-nephew went with them to help/support him and Lena during the photo session :)

It was my first time meeting Lena in person, and I think she's beautiful!  I had a great time photographing her and Jimmy together.  I saw on his eyes how much he cared for her.  They are perfect for each other, and I am so happy that I got the chance to photograph their engagement session.  I can't wait for their wedding day in November.  Jimmy's sister, Lizz, is one of my past brides, and it will be great to see her and her husband, Jonathan, at this wedding! :) I also look forward to photographing Lena and Jimmy's wedding at the same church where Lizz and Jonathan got married, which is the St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church :)


 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_001_zpsb0514d52.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_002_zps6ac2e48f.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_003_zps38032a3b.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_004_zps489df3ee.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_005_zpse585a26f.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_006_zps59b6d601.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_007_zps30772be9.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_008_zpsbe2bf103.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_009_zpsf33d0475.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_010_zps5efa65cc.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_011_zps49dd2103.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_012_zpsf99a59a9.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_013_zps54b973d9.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_014_zps0faa4655.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_015_zps0e157076.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_016_zpsd39fce6c.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_017_zps8d58f8e7.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_018_zps0a92761c.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_019_zps26fa4103.jpg
 photo St_Augustine_FL_Engagement_Photographer_020_zpsf45f187e.jpg

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