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Angel and Jason are Married!! - Las Vegas Destination Wedding Photographer

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! So I will make this blog post short, and let you read Angel and Jason's love story below to get to know this sweet couple!  Bobby and I had such a wonderful time at their destination wedding in Las Vegas!!  They exchanged their vows in the Juno Garden at Caesars Palace, and it was still an intimate setting in the middle of the hustle and bustle life of Las Vegas.  Their ceremony was short and sweet, and everyone in the garden could feel their love.  Many happy tears were shed, and I can just tell how much Jason and Angel love each other and how much they are loved by their families and friends.  Stay tuned for their "Trash-the-Wedding-Dress" session as I will blog those pictures shortly.  For now, enjoy their love story and enjoy the slideshow :)

Congratulations to Angel and Jason!  We wish them many more fun adventures together as they start this new chapter in their book of love :) 



 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0001_zps98e39c07.jpg
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 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0011_zps3c6d7a34.jpg

Great to see one of our past grooms at Angel and Jason's wedding, Mike! :)

 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0012_zpscdf852b3.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0013_zps4a4ca3fc.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0014_zpsd7fc71bc.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0015_zps493d83e3.jpg
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 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0020_zpsf991d80f.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0021_zpsf31cda76.jpg

Can you spot the other flower girl??? :)

 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0022_zpsc3b07d77.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0023_zps335bf448.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0024_zpsd3637df7.jpg
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 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0032_zps043e78c0.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0033_zpsd8aa3e7a.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0034_zps38440b95.jpg
 photo destination_wedding_jacksonville_fl_photographer_0035_zps8b6f9fa4.jpg

How did you guys meet?

I used to hang out with a girl named Jackie back in my high school and early college days. She was my party buddy, and when her cousin, Jason, moved to town, she would talk about him constantly because he was her favorite cousin. She even had a picture of him on her wall. One day, we were at the Regency mall and she asked if I could drive her over to her cousin's house for a bit since they were having a party at Jason's house. We got there and she introduced me to some of her extended family. I started playing hide and seek with some of the little ones, and while hiding out in a guest room, Jason came in and we started talking. We really hit it off so we exchanged information, and I asked Jackie to make sure he was my escort for a friend's debut. The rest is history.

Describe the proposal:

She Says: "I remember being really upset with Jason for not coming to visit me in Miami. In fact, we were in the middle of a fight when Nancy and Mike invited me out to dinner at the Delano in South Beach. We walked into an empty dining room and Nancy asked me to go get her friend Jehan from the lobby, which I thought was a little strange but I went anyway. I looked to the left and saw a guy standing with a HUGE bouquet of red roses, then realized it was Jason peeking out from behind them. Nancy had followed me out and took the roses, and Jason got down on one knee. As he was kneeling, I remember being very loud and saying, 'What are you doing here? What are you doing here?' because I was still upset with him. Then I realized he was proposing and I ruined it but... I said 'yes!'"

He Says: "The proposal was hilarious. That weekend Angel was really angry at me. She had just finished her last exam so I planned on coming down to visit and propose to her. So I stayed the weekend at Nancy's house in Fort Lauderdale, and she helped me set it up to where she would meet Angel at the Blue Door Restaurant at the Delano. The reservations were at 9pm, and I left the house at around 6pm so I could pick up roses and set stuff up at the restaurants. But I ended up getting lost due to detours and road construction so I called Mae, Angel's sister, to help my find my way. Anyways, I finally got there with a HUMUNGOUS bouquet of roses but because I was an hour late it kind of ruined my moment. I had the hostess get Angel to meet me outside and I was hiding behind the curtain, and I started talking to Angel and the whole time she kept saying 'What are you doing here?' like a million times. Meanwhile, I had rehearsed a speech for 2 hours and I was getting kinda emotional but Angel was killing the emotion with the 'What are you doing here?' Finally, I got down on one knee and was telling her how I felt about her and all she would say was 'What are you doing here?' I told Angel to relax, I'm here to propose to you, the hostess asked her what was Angel's answer, and she said 'yes.' Then, we ate the most expensive dinner I had in my life, but we did take some really snazzy pictures."

What is your favorite thing to do on your date night?

Go out to dinner.

What do you love about him so much?

I love that he makes me a better person. I know that sounds cliche but I guess that's true for any couple. My flaws and weaknesses are his strengths. I love how he is with people - he's super outgoing, friendly, helpful, and generous. All things that I have to work hard at. When I see him interacting with others, it reminds me to be better, to step out of my comfort zone, to be more open, and to be more giving. 

What do you love about her so much? 

I’m not really sure how to put into words what I love most about Angel. Even if I could, there's really not one thing that I love more than the other. I don't know where to start because there is so much that I love about her. We've been dating since we were 18. So we really grew up together. I love it when she laughs at my silly jokes. I love it when we communicate through nonverbal ques. She is my rock. When I lose myself or get lost in life she has been there to keep me in line or pick up the pieces and piece it back together for me. Sometimes I feel like Angel knows me better than I know myself. Now if I had to pick one key characteristic to highlight I will choose her mental strength. When she sets a goal for herself, she is able to push herself until she achieves her goal. I’m so thankful to have angel in my life.  To be there every step. I am so happy that she has been a part of my journey as much as I want to be a part of hers.

What is your wedding invitation like and where did you go to get it done?

My wedding invitation is pretty cool. I designed it, printed it, and cut it myself (with some help from my matron of honor, Apple). I purchased some vintage looking paper and brushed off my graphic design skills.  

What are your wedding colors and why did you guys choose that color palette?

Our wedding colors are raspberry and melon. They sounded yummy, and that's what my girls picked out as their bridesmaid dress colors. 

Describe your wedding cake:

I think we're going with cupcakes, but this hasn't been finalized.

Describe your wedding flowers:

White and lavender garden roses, white gardenias, and purple accent flowers. It's pretty romantic looking and the gardenias will make it smell great.  

What is your First Dance song, Father/Daughter song, and Mother/Son song at your wedding reception?

Friends sang the First Dance song and Angel sang the Mother/Song song.  Will get back with the Father/Daughter song. 

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We haven't booked anything yet but we're probably going to go to Hawaii.

What are you looking forward to in the future together?

Jason's ready for kids, and I'm just ready to make this official. 

VENDOR INFORMATION (only fill out the ones that apply):

Ceremony Location: Juno Gardens, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, NV
Reception Location: House of Blues, Foundation Room, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
Caterer: House of Blues
Wedding Coordinator: Caesar's Palace Wedding Coordinator, Rebecca
Wedding Photographer: Corinna Hoffman Photography. She's photographed weddings for a number of friends and family. Her pictures are beautiful and romantic with a documentary-like feel that we love
Wedding Videographer: Caesar's Palace Videographer
Cake: Bride will get back with me
Florist: Caesar's Palace
Officiant: Caesar's Palace
Hair: Bride's friend, Sheena Guerrera
Make-up: Bride's friend, Sheena Guerrera
Entertainment: DJ Godzilla
Transportation: Las Vegas Party Bus
Wedding Dress: Brand TBA
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jim Hjelm
Groom and Groomsmen Wear: Las Vegas Tux Rental


Unknown said...

Oh Corinna, you are just too good at what you do! Thank you for capturing my bro and sis-in-law's love so well and the fun of that day.


Ruby said...

Awesome pictures, Corinna!!!! I love them all!

Ruby said...

oh, ps....Angel was BEAUTIFUL!!!

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