Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pursuit 31 Saint Augustine FL Meetup

I know what you are thinking...another personal post?!  Didn't she just blog about her niece's birthday party, and now this?  I hardly blog any personal photos here because I want to post my clients' pictures first.. but here I go again taking a break and posting my own photos ;)  I have been trying to be good about it, and I will eventually post photos from my Mom's photo session, pictures that Bobby and I took from our Philippines, Mexico, Florida Keys, Las Vegas trips.. and so on :)  I still have not blogged any pictures I took from the Pursuit 31 Conference last Fall in Rome (Georgia), but I am going to post pictures now from my recent get-together with some of the wonderful Pursuit 31 ladies.

Last Fall, I got the chance to join 99 other Christian photographer women at the conference held at the WinShape Retreat Center.  I think I blogged about that...let me check...and yes, I did! Here's the link:


There were handful of us from Florida, and I had the pleasure to meet up with Laura in St. Augustine before the conference.  Christine recently moved to Jacksonville from Pensacola, so we had to make a point to meet up again in St. Augustine since Laura lives near Daytona Beach.  Her friend Lauren joined us, and as well as another P31 lady who also lives here in Jacksonville, Sarah.  It was great to just get away from work and the craziness that is going on with my office lease and just spend some time with other Godly women.  Laura suggested that we each should bring our cameras and take some portrait shots of each other.  I brought mine, although, secretly, I wanted to take more pictures with my iPhone for Instagram! ;)

Well, since I brought my "heavy camera," I went ahead and took some photos of Sarah and Christine.  I took literally just two shots of Lauren and none of Laura :(  Bummer, I know!  I am now glad that I carpooled with Sarah and Christine, so we were not much in hurry to beat the parking meter expiration time.  Thanks to Sarah for showing us this "green door," and what lovely gem it was for pictures!  I am thankful for these ladies, and I cannot wait to see some of them again at the 2nd Pursuit 31 Conference later this October!


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_01_zpsae70b538.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_02_zpsb0efd156.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_03_zps1aaf0b67.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_04_zpsbd9f1d62.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_05_zpsbd26d6b2.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_06_zps99aee9ad.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_07_zpsd473d181.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_08_zps2192c30d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_09_zpse55e3345.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_10_zps7856e54a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_11_zps29533627.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_12_zps16dfc41b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_13_zps342ab0b5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_14_zpsaeb174e5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_15_zps68f084e3.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_16_zps8aaf0f5f.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_17_zpsa29adadd.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_18_zpsc3a276ee.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_19_zps347308f6.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_20_zpse654e053.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_21_zps53fbbd50.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Pursuit_31_Meetup_22_zpsbc638111.jpg

Here's a group photo of us that I posted on Instagram:

 photo corinna_hoffman_instagram_zpsc4814bea.jpg

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LOVE!! <3

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