Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Temporarily Out of Order

This week has been great and insane at the same time. I received an email yesterday from one of my favorite wedding blogs letting me know that they're going to feature one of my weddings!! Stay tuned for that :) I also have several photo deadlines coming up that I'm trying to meet, and how convenient that my iMac decided to go on strike on Tuesday! My computer froze as I was in the middle of editing and blogging Becky and Dave's wedding pictures. I had to "force-quit" my computer and then turn the power button off. I waited for several minutes before I turned it back on, and sadly the only thing I see is this:

(A gray screen with a folder in the middle, and it has a flashing/blinking question mark on it)

I googled this problem on my iPad, and I'm hoping that everyone who mentioned this issue as a tell-tale sign that the disk crashed and all data is lost are WRONG!! Tomorrow morning cannot come soon enough. I have an appointment at Apple's Genius Bar, and I'm praying so hard that my hard drive did not crash nor I lost any data :( I always backup all of my clients' photos, so I'm good on that...but sadly, I don't backup my own personal photos and mp3 music library :(

Dear clients, if you are reading this, please be patient with me. I hope to get all of your pictures and slideshows done soon. Please say a prayer for my iMac issue too :( Thank you.


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