Monday, October 26, 2009

Lisa & Scott are Engaged!! - Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

It was super cold and windy on the day of Lisa & Scott's engagement session. It was also at high tide that morning, so therefore, we were not able to go down the shore for pictures. But those didn't dampen their smiles and positive attitudes :) I mean, who can stay sad if your puppies are with you and part of the session?

I'm not a big fan of getting another dog, but my husband, Bobby, is absolutely in love with Boston Terriers and has been wanting to have another addition to our family. I have to admit that Rosco and Sasha definitely had a way of tickling my heart and possibly changing my mind :) It was such a joy to photo-shoot Lisa and Scott along with their babies :) This couple are so in love with each other, and I can't wait for their big day in May!!

Congratulations, Lisa & Scott!!



Soucki said...

as always... breathless!! i love the puppies! =) i cant wait!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Soucki-thanks so much!! Miss you too, btw!! Hope we get to see each other again before Lisa's wedding ;-)

Ali said...

4th down is my absolute fave - those trees & the fence! WOW! I want a picture there!!!!!!

And also, of course the puppy love one where the pups are gnawing on each other playfully and they're kissing in the background.

Needless to say --- yet again --- you're super duper awesome!

Tracy said...

More puppies!! You can never have too many!
Okay... well, maybe. But two is a good number... then your pooch will have a brother/sister to play with all the time! : )

Fantastic shots!! I always love BT's too... they are so photogenic!

Ruby said...

Great pictures Corinna! Lisa and Scott are so cute and happy together!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Ali-thanks for the blog love!! Yeah, their puppies were really fun to photoshoot, and I am glad that they brought them along for their session :)

@Tracy-awww, Bostons are starting to grow on me. At first, I find their bulging eyes creepy, but I do love photographing them :) LOL

@Ruby-thanks, Love! I still remember your own e-session and that was so much fun too :) I'm in love with LOVE ;-D

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