Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Krissy & Mike are Married - Jacksonville Beach, FL

When I first met Krissy back in December, I just knew that her wedding is going to be so laid-back and fun!! I met up with her again in April and this time Bobby was with me as we also met Mike for the first time since he got back from his Air Force duty. Krissy is a photo-enthusiast herself, and having us capture her special day really means a lot to us :)

It was the first morning wedding that Bobby and I have ever done before, and it was sooo much fun!! Krissy & Mike did a lot of the "untraditional" things at their wedding such us meeting up before the ceremony, having yummy cupcakes instead of a cake, hosting games at the reception instead of having a bouquet and garter toss, and lastly, even trashed their wedding attires after a great run at their awesome send off :)

Krissy & Mike, thank you for making this unforgettable for us! Congratulations!!


This is a proof as to how fun Krissy & Mike's wedding reception of the girls used Bobby's black sock for one of the games...haha, after that, I told Bobby that photographers can't participate in the game ;-)

Wedding Ingredients: Ceremony & Reception Location - Casa Marina, DJ - McGee Entertainment, Florist - A Floral Affair, Hair & Makeup - Local Beauty School, Cupcakes - Lisa Pearce


Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

I love LOVE the view from under the steps on the beach. Such a great idea Cory!! Awesome wedding.

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Stephanie-Haha, thanks for the sweet comment! My husband thanks you for it as well, since he took the shot :) :)

Ginger Dupre said...

GREAT ring shot! What a fun couple and you did a great job capturing their personalities!

Star said...

That looks like the funnest wedding ever...musical chairs, watercolors and races...very cool! Great job you two:)

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Ginger-Thank you! Her ring was very sparkly :) Bobby and I really had fun taking pictures at this wedding :)

@Star-it was really FUN!! Thank you :) The painting with the watercolors is actually their guestbook :) Guests had to paint their names on the canvas :) They played several games at their reception, and Bobby & I were laughing so hard the whole time and it was easy to forget that we're supposed to be taking pictures :) And the race was their send off--very creative!

Mom said...

You outdid yourself with these shots, girl. The pic of sea weeds on the white sand with the bride and groom sitting on the stair in the background is way too cooool!

You make my heart sing!


Ruby Marquez said...

OMG! I love this wedding and I wasn't even there. Looked like a lot of fun! Great shots Corinna! WHat a beautiful bride and groom!

Anna said...

That truly looks like an awesome wedding! You (and Bob) are so amazing at capturing the right moments!

Anonymous said...

Toni Murray

It IS wonderful - I even teared up! Toni
Wonderful slide show.

Don & Linda said...

Wow!!! That's the best wedding video I've seen that wasn't in a movie! Fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Such love and joy, just beautiful! The music adds so much, the photographer was great!

Robert and Sunny said...

Pictures are awesome!
Many capturing warm moments, the best men/ bridesmaids group pics –Fun!, that intent gaze, the whimsical glance, the gaiety of the event - The pairing of pictures and music in the video was amazing pure essences of a warm, beautiful, fun filled wedding.
A few of the comments from friends viewing the Video:
“It was beautiful; I got goose bumps after done with the slide show- Thao N”
“Beautiful Wedding looks fun and exciting – video was so good I watched it over and over again - Debbie”
“This is the most beautiful and entertaining slide show I have ever seen ... the interaction was so wonderful - Bert and Sue”
“Intense… makes me tear up with happiness…the photos of Mike and Krissy in the water –Wow! -Michelle”

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