Thursday, July 09, 2009

Gatlingburg - May 2009

These pictures from Gatlinburg, TN were taken during our 2nd-Year Anniversary weekend back in May, but I figured I'll still go ahead and post them now. I'm going back there this weekend for white water rafting, and I'm super nervous about it since I've never done it before--especially, with Bobby wanting to do the Level 4 route. Niiiice...

For now, here are several "tourist" shots I took during our meandering walk in downtown Gatlinburg, and a couple of pictures from our Sky Lift ride :)



Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography said...

They might be old to you, but they are new to us! These are awesome! I've never been there before but after seeing these I think we might have to add it to the list of destinations we want to see! The mountains are beautiful! I would have been scared on the lift, too!

Ali said...

So fun & so sweet!


Love them and love ya'll!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Gwen-you got my emails, and yes, you and Matt should visit Gatlinburg!! I heard it's beatiful in the Fall too! :) Sky Lift was a bit scary going down, but it was fun going up :)

@Ali-Thanks and we love you both too! :)

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