Monday, June 01, 2009

Zoey & Weston's Birthday Party

I'm finally catching up with photo-editing, and I figured it's time to post pictures from Zoey & Weston's Birthday Party back in April :) You may remember them from last year's doggie birthday party! Our baby girl, Raechaelle, had a wonderul time at Dogwood Park along with other playful dogs out there :) Zoey is my friend Kim's dog, and she is by far the most energetic dog I've ever seen. She turned three this year, along with Weston, who is Kim's friend's cute dog :) Enjoy!!


Here's our sweetheart, Raechaelle-Bear :) 


Tracy said...

You KNOW *I* love doggie photos! : )

ps. The cake was still pretty good... especially for being one year old! Happy Anniversary to all of us!

Ali said...

That pic of the pug is HILARIOUS! :)

I also - love the Westie -- that's the kind of dog I want/need/desire :)

Mom said...

The "family picture" is now my desktop background. Rachel is one lucky dog!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Tracy-I just know you would be the first one to leave me a blog love here!! :) And definitely, HAPPY Anniversary to all of us :) Hugs!

@Ali-thanks, and I thought it is hilarious too!! The beady eyes are kinda creepy yet they are strangely attractive :)

@Mom-awww, thanks, Mommy!! xoxo

Tracy said...

Pugs are a riot!
FYI, next time you happen to be around one... make a meowing sound or a high pitched squeak and watch their little heads go crazy turning from side to side! Pugs never fail to fall for the weird noise trick. Makes a great photo op too! : D

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