Monday, May 12, 2008

Doggy Bday Party

I thought I was a nerd for once throwing a birthday party for our baby girl, Raechaelle, at Dogwood Park. Lo and behold, I'm not the only one--haha, Kim.. we're not nerds, we're just very loving parents! ;-) My coworker, Kim, threw a birthday party for her baby Zoey, who turned two years old this April. The pictures were taken last month, but I figured I'll post some in my blog.. got me thinking about our other dog, Ginger, who had passed away for about a year and a half now... that Bday party for Raechaelle was also a "subtle farewell" party for Gingy as well. We knew it was her time to go, but we kept playing God and decided to give her more shots just to keep her alive..eventually, we just had to learn on letting go :( Very tough for Bobby, but we know that she's in Heaven and probably was playing with Rae-Rae at the park in spirit ;-)

Enjoy the pictures and be sure to click on each picture to enlarge it :-)

Our cute baby Raechaelle :)

She wanted some cake icing ;-)

Love those happy eyes!

Oh no, not here, buddy!

Kim's baby girl :)

I'm intrigue at this dog's look..I forgot what kind of breed this is, but yes, it's not a pug!

There's Rae on the left. She's not much into tug-of-war...

Love the expression on this one :)

The other birthday dog, Weston :)

Cute girls (and one guy, which is Weston)

Here are a few of pictures that I dug up from my archive. It's a picture of Ginger and Raechaelle at their own doggy party back in Sept. 2006.


Amber said...

Ha! I love doggy parties. I've thrown one for my dogs, included with doggy bags and doggy cake!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Hehe.. guess Kim and I are not the only "nerds." We both had bday cakes at our parties ;-) I also had doggy bags to give away to the other dogs.. too cute!

April Hollingsworth said...

Hey, it's me, April (the one with the blog background question). Thanks so much for your help. I love your dog photos!

Flaire Weddings and Events said...

So Cute!! These are adorable. I wish I knew my fur-baby Opal's birthday, but we got her from the pound... I might have to give her an honorary birthday! =)

Tracy said...

Awww! Cute!
I wish Apple liked the dog park. We've taken her several times but she hits the dirt everytime a strange dog approaches her. : (

ps. Tell Cassandra that her dog's birthday is the day they got her from the pound. We rescued one of our dogs on Halloween! What a fun birthday for him!! : )

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