Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jessica's Family

My best friend from high school moved away to cold Nebraska right around my wedding time in 2007. I was so sad, but I'm also happy that she found the guy the equally loves her and makes her a great mother to their wonderful family of four :) Jess and the family came down here to Florida for a visit earlier last month, and with the wedding season in full swing and several family sessions right before Mother's Day, it was so hard to find time just to hang out with them. We managed to meet up for lunch right before they left back for Nebraska, and below are the pix I took of Jess and her "men." :)



Aunt Jo said...


The pictures are just beautiful!!!! You should be so proud of the wonderful work that you do! You are THE BEST!!!!

Love you bunches,
Aunt Jo

Princess Avanaar said...

Thanks so much Cory! I'm glad we got to spend a little time together before we flew back home! The pictures came out fantastic! ... and this wasn't even a photo session!

I finally figured out how to get on Facebook at the library ... I have to use their comp lab. So now I'll be able to get on there more! Yay!

Love ya lots!

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