Saturday, February 23, 2008

Interesting Weekend

Last weekend was a much needed break for me. For the first time this year, I didn't have to get up early for a photo shoot session, for a training class or for anything! Below are fun pictures from that weekend including some pictures from Valentines Day and from the Pet Expo. My "twin" Jessi joined us with her baby Jack at the Expo :)


It's our tradition to eat at this special Indian Restaurant every year for Valentines Day. We've been going there since 2003!

My Valentine gift from Bobby!!

Playing (should I say, working out) Wii games at Peter and Rebekah's house on Friday night.

Raechaelle patiently waiting in the car on our way to the Pet Expo.

Raechaelle had a lot of fun to have a playmate at the Expo.

What a cute ohana! By the way, we adopted our kitty at the Pet Expo back in 2004 :) "Don't buy nor breed. Adopt and save a life!"

Lunch date with my dear friend, Scarlett, at our fave restaurant Biscotti's in Avondale :)

1 comment :

Tracy said...

Gorgeous earrings!!

Is that wii boxing? It really is a serious workout!

Yay for adopting pets! One of our two dogs came from someone who was giving her away. The other came from Animal Control. And I got my kitty from Lucky Cats at PetSmart. Adoption is definitely the way to go! : )

I see those cakes behind you and Scarlett at Biscotti's... they have the best cake! Mmmm... I'm just drooling thinking about the white cake with the cheesecake on the bottom with the raspberry in the middle. Oooooh... must go get caaaake!

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