Monday, December 24, 2007

Bobby's 30th Birthday Bash

Okay, so it was two weekends ago..but it has been a crazy month I tell you! I am posting the pictures tonight since I have quite a few of our friends and family asking for the pictures already ;-) (And yes, I will do the same for the camping pictures soon, Anna and Sarah!)

As for my husband's 30th Birthday on Dec. 7th, we had a special dinner at Roy's Restaurant with his sisters and brother-in-law. The food and dessert there were scrumptious!! We celebrated his big 3-0 on the 8th with our friends and his mom even drove from Orlando to be a part of it. We had a big cookout and the deer nuggets and Mike's pulled pork were a big hit that night. One of Bobby's friends, Roger, brought his band, The Homesteaders, and jammed some bluegrass tunes for us. At the end, Roger sang a cappella of Happy Birthday to Bobby and everyone joined in as Bobby blew the candles on his golf cake :) It was such a perfect birthday night--great friends and family, great food, great weather..and we had a mysterious cat (whom we named, Sunkissed, Morris, and OB--don't ask what OB stands for) joined us for fun that night. Bobby and I fell in love with that cat and hung out with us all night, and we hope it would come back the next day...but never did...and when we were just ready to give up on Morris to ever come back, he showed up again tonight and chilled with us. Thus, motivating me even more to put the blog on Bobby's 30th Bday Bash tonight.

Oh yeah, I can't find a song from the Homesteader to post in my blog..but do check out their MySpace page to hear their music!

Enjoy the pictures and thanks to all that came--it was a great turnout :)


Bobby's pineapple upside down birthday cake at Roy's:

My handsome man:

A group picture of us at Roy's--and yes, I like my glass of water:

Here are some of the pictures at the bash...

The Homesteaders with special guest, Kevin Helms:

Beautiful wives (smiles):

His sister Emily carried the heavy cake (it was carrot cake) outside:

Happy Birthday!!

Bobby found a new hobby...hunting (I am not a big supporter of it at all!) and his friends got him a tree stand:

He was so stoked that he had to try it out outside in our backyard, but our tree was too small..and well, after too many drinks--we all didn't think it was too safe:

Mike and Morris the Cat:

Us with his sisters and mom:

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