Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Lovely Day at the Park - Lara and Pat's Family Photo Session

Being a photographer is really cool because you get to spend some time with wonderful families such as Lara and Pat's family. They are are so perfect for each other with their gorgeous boys. I had a blast capturing all their beautiful smiles and laughs at the park. Their older son loved to model for me, and he made my session so easy! The little one is just so adorable when he said, "Cheese!" The weather was a bit cold and drizzly on that day, but it did not stop this photogenic family to have a good time during our session :-D


Here are some of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

What a lovely family! What beautiful shots! What a gift!


lyndsay said...

these are amazing. you got some perfect shots, and those boys are precious!

Leslie Anne Moore said...

Loved the Pics. They are awesome! You captured the dynamics of the clients/family and the colors are beautiful

Princess Avanaar said...

Hey Cory!! Mom sent me the link to your blog and I've been keeping up with your posts! The pictures you took are, as usual, fantastic!! I *love* the pictures of the dad carrying his son ...and the one of the couple with the sons playing in the background. So beautiful!! You have such a great talent!

Don't be a stranger! I love and miss ya lots!!

<3 Jess

Princess Avanaar said...

Oh ...ha! I knew I was forgetting something!! Which park was that at? It kinda looks like the one we went to in St. John's ...or is it Mandarin Park?

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