Monday, December 17, 2007

It's a New Day!

I'm a sucker at heart for romantic songs, and I must confess that I love Celine Dion!! She's an awesome and a beautiful singer, and I had the privilege to see her live in concert on my bachelorette night out with the girls in Las Vegas. Her sweet voice just touches my heart, sends that tingly feeling down my spine, and evokes a tear out of my eye. Aaron and I got to see the taping of her last concert show at Tinseltown tonight, and it brought great memories of Vegas all over again...::takes a deep breath and lovingly sighs::... The showing tonight was sold out and believe it or not, Aaron and I were the first ones to be there. It started at 7:30 pm, but we got there at 5 pm! Just call us Celine-nerds ;-) ...or maybe, I got the show time mixed up.. ;-)

Rebekah was there, too, along with her mom and sister. They are Celine-fanatics as well! ;-) We were being silly and took pictures in the theater before the showing started.

By the way, Celine is touring around the world right now...and she will be in FL sometime in January of 2009....hmmn...I really should get the tickets now before they get sold out...but as for right now, I'm just stoked that I'm going to see Hannah Montana in January of 2008!! That is going to be another blog story later ;-)

Much love and happiness to all of you :)

Here's the picture of the girls and I when we went to see her in concert at Caesar's Palace. Rebekah went with us, but she's not in the picture (nor my mom, Bobby's mom and aunt, Lori's mom, and Laura's mom...and my brother Jazon, who went for Scarlett since she was stuck at an airport in Texas that night.. bummer):

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rebekah said...

that was very nice, although not as great as seeing it live!!

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