Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nate and Rebecca's Back-to-School Mini Session - Jacksonville FL Children Photographer

Nate and Rebecca's twins are super adorable, and I loooove taking their photos!! I am so happy that I got to photograph their back-to-school photos at Memorial Park way back in August of last year. I'm finally blogging these photos now that the school year is about to end. Be sure to check back with me in the summer for a back-to-school mini session with your kiddo :)

By the way,  I also got to meet the twins' baby sister for the very first time at this session, and I cannot wait to take Baby Elizabeth's own back-to-school photos one day :) Random fun fact.. Nate and Rebecca's baby is only a few days younger than my little guy (yayy for March 2016 babies!) :)


 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_40_zpsysohuljp.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_35_zpsawazner6.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_34_zpsokhbdco9.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_33_zpsxjyylrxq.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_32_zpsbjgbonb9.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_31_zpsbxiuvf06.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_29_zps96bffs35.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_26_zpsyhsr3buc.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_19_zpssii6hx7m.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_17_zpsagdv4rye.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_15_zpsym4xlyn3.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_12_zpsyidhlmqw.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_11_zpsnawho0xd.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_10_zpstzmroqug.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_06_zps3ualy9v9.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_05_zpsynq4yskd.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_04_zpsbqwu826b.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_03_zpspkpwln2s.jpg
 photo Lee-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_02_zpsljz2atna.jpg

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