Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chris and Bre's Back-to-School Mini Session - Jacksonville FL Children Photographer

While on a blog roll... here's a little throwback to a session I photographed back in August of last year....

Chris and Bre's son is becoming such a handsome boy.  I am so grateful to be able to photograph him once again at Memorial Park for his Back-to-School mini session.  As always, I had a blast taking his photos and every time I photograph him, I always think to myself that he looks so much like the actor Bradley Cooper (the younger version anyway)! :) We missed his little brother on our fun day, but I am sure he is just as excited for his big brother to start school.


 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_33_zpsbgw0v0wc.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_32_zpstzxbtf6l.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_29_zpsewm0fbjy.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_27_zpszkcovttw.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_25_zps3yj07ksq.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_24_zpsyqtjcoet.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_21_zpsfuwrnqmc.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_19_zps2dizm9sv.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_18_zpsq64m0qlh.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_17_zpsjfo9pkbm.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_13_zpsrcczzvvz.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_09_zpslcoh76hd.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_08_zpsnecis0be.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_03_zpsktyjmcim.jpg
 photo Willman-Aug2016_CorinnaHoffmanPhotography_02_zps3yzr6ne8.jpg

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