Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Chris and Dawn's Family Christmas Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

It is always so much fun to photograph this beautiful family, and I am happy that Dawn and Chris had me photograph their adorable children once again for their Christmas photos :) They just moved in to their new home, so it was only fitting to have their session done over there! Their backyard is huge and perfect for their family photos.  By the way, Dawn rocks for finding so many props on sale! I am glad she got them for the photo-shoot! I might just have to go back to Hobby Lobby and Michaels soon and get more props for myself

By the way, since the new Star Wars movie will be out on Friday, here's a fun a recap to their daughter's newborn session:



 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_11_zpsc5bdufjw.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_13_zpsirkdnlrw.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_12_zpsyrh7jfss.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_14_zpsrwxjpwjj.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_15_zps9lpqvxkd.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_16_zpsst1mdema.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_17_zpsgxiwwmgt.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_18_zpsye8dszmo.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_19_zps1b5ik0pw.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_20_zpsgkr2sqri.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_21_zpsh0t9cavi.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_22_zpszxfop6wn.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_23_zpsebusccpl.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_24_zpso85qex4u.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_26_zpscpeyjv7t.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_27_zpskbkeagyf.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_25_zpsccm1n5jh.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_28_zpsnvadpvtq.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_29_zpshlxagfyk.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_30_zpssgnprvts.jpg

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