Friday, February 28, 2014

Mo and Montia's Yellow and Gray Wedding - Jacksonville FL Wedding Photographer

Yellow is my absolute favorite color, and I love the color gray as well since it goes well with yellow :) Of course I was ecstatic to hear from our bride Mo when she told me at our consultation meeting that her wedding colors will be yellow and gray!  Mo and Montia's wedding was beautiful just like this couple inside and out.  I decided to write up a different blog post just for their wedding details, so pin away for Pinterest ideas!


 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_052_zps9b8bf008.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_051_zps9f046a91.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_048_zpsbc4168d2.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_049_zps7cc0753c.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_050_zpsa2d1ae2b.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_056_zps4333f689.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_054_zps34716a8e.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_055_zpsa7c81449.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_053_zps3a40152d.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_047_zpsc4b2055b.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_046_zpsa5689c2b.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_057_zpsad922204.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_058_zps2e5a5d0e.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_060_zps08b98083.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_photography_059_zps309e923e.jpg

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