Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dana and Jon's Holiday Session 2013 - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Love, love, love this family! I think this is the third year I have photographed this gorgeous family, and every year, it's just getting better!! :) I love watching Dana and Jon's babies grow into adorable little ladies! They are so sweet and fun to photograph. I am thankful that Dana and Jon always have me capture these special moments for them.  The girls have gotten to know me well, and they are such a joy to photograph! I even got a big sweet hug right after our session. It's also fun watching Dana and Jon's family grow into a family of five now!

The session was fun even though it was freezing and windy during our session.  The girls rocked it out, and I had the pleasure of meeting their new precious baby! Here's a recap of our previous sessions:

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012

Easter 2013


 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_250_zpsb25c0401.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_251_zpsadd4ecb0.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_252_zps60a9f7ab.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_253_zps2278f38e.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_254_zpse51221ee.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_258_zps1fed932e.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_256_zps7e627bdb.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_257_zps0edab5cf.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_259_zpsc200a059.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_260_zps4ab87f2b.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_255_zps5fe1bab1.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_264_zpsf630c11b.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_265_zpsed382660.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_262_zps4ded175a.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_263_zps37b64bc0.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_261_zps294fc34f.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photography_Family_Photographer_266_zpsfa3c6c8e.jpg

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