Friday, November 15, 2013

My Beautiful Mother! - Jacksonville Beach FL Lifestyle Photographer

Three years and two months later, my mother would be so happy to see this blog post and find that I have finally worked and posted her pictures!  Yes, it had been that long, and my mother is one very patient woman!  Thank you, Mom, for always being there for me and believing on me!  I did her session back in September 2010, and it is cool how Jacksonville Beach Pier has changed so much since then, but my mom has not change one bit.  She still looks amazing and beautiful (and still with her same short pixie haircut)! :)

I had given my mom about 3-4 sneak-peek photos right around after our session, and she always told me that there is no rush on her pictures.  Work and "paid clients" come first, so I have been putting off working on her photos.  Now in the middle of a SUPER busy wedding season on top of another hectic holiday season for family photos, I am finally working on her pictures and blogging them.

My mother is one of the most resilient women I know, and I love her more than words can ever describe.  Two reasons that I have probably delayed on blogging her pictures is that one, I really don't know how to write this blog post.  There are no words to describe how amazing my mother is.  I always say that I will do this for her around Christmas, her birthday (which is Valentine's Day) or on Mother's Day, but here I am, of all the days, I picked November 15th.  There is no special holiday on this day aside maybe from it being a Happy America Recycles Day (who gets to make up these holidays?).  Second reason that I may have not blogged the photos in the last three years is that maybe I always told myself that I will work on her photos and "Photoshop" them like crazy so she looks so much younger.  But why do that?  My mom is beautiful just the way she is!  There are no "crazy Photoshopping" done on these photos aside from my basic color-correcting edits.  Meet my mom just the way she was three years ago, and still the way she is now.  Her heart for the Lord is pure and inspiring.  She gives praises and glory to God for all things small and big.  My mom's faith is a great testimony to how a Christian should live his/her life.  I love her, and I am proud to be her daughter! 
Mom, enjoy!! I love you :)


 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_001_zps438b29d6.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_002_zps92098ad6.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_003_zps56184c9a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_004_zps926d0bb4.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_005_zpsae5bced9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_006_zps41418fb5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_007_zps2e7e41ac.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_010_zpsd581a77d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_011_zpsebb26a96.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_012_zps5c586248.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_009_zpsf3e97154.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_013_zpsd65ed25b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_008_zps6fa14d7c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_014_zpsb4932393.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_015_zps920e6ac5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_016_zps911ea632.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_020_zps4b90abb0.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_019_zpsba0ca21a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_017_zpsf624b3c0.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_018_zpscb329356.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_021_zps32f8cd5b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_022_zps4b988c7a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_023_zpsa44a838d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Beach_Florida_Photographer_024_zps612fa05f.jpg

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chelles said...

Love these, your mom is gorgeous!!!

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