Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Vanessa and Mike's Maternity Session - Miami Beach FL Maternity Photographer

Always grateful when my past brides and grooms ask me to photograph their maternity sessions.  Vanessa and Mike just celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary, and it seems like it was just yesterday when I photographed their beautiful wedding in Miami! :) I also had the pleasure to photograph their maternity session with their first child back in 2011! Now that it's 2013, they are expecting their new baby anytime soon, and I'm so thankful that I got to photograph them again!  It was my first time meeting their daughter, and she is beautiful! She looks like a "Mini-Me" of Mike for sure :)

I love Miami, and I love driving down there to photograph Vanessa and Mike.  We did our session at South Pointe Park, and it was so pretty over there!  We got see a lot of cruise ships pass by, and it is amazing to see how massive those liners are!  It also rained on us towards the end of our session, but kudos to Vanessa and Mike for sticking it out and having fun! I love this couple so much, and I am so happy for them as their family grows :)


 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_01_zpsb6dcaa45.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_02_zps636e52c1.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_03_zps5186a8c3.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_04_zps644132ed.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_05_zpsc5535cbe.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_06_zpsd6b44811.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_07_zpsff3393b6.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_08_zpsfbcdcd32.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_09_zpsb1642460.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_10_zps62072fa4.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_11_zps51f042c0.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_12_zps2a02c43c.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_13_zps6ab76237.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_14_zps9b366ba0.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_15_zpsea045e00.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_16_zpsdaccdefc.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_17_zpsf4b8b563.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_18_zpsf9d2ef0b.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_19_zps312e5307.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_20_zps4b0b45d8.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_21_zps1b7dac22.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_22_zpsa8c385a1.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_23_zps293dae5e.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_24_zps2fdd3cd4.jpg
 photo corinna_hoffman_miami_maternity_photographer_25_zpsda55aa12.jpg

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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

WOW!! The pictures look great! Thank you very much. Can't wait to get the CD.

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