Monday, April 01, 2013

Erin and Alan's Engagement Session - Jacksonville FL Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Erin and Alan on their engagement, and I am so happy that I get to photograph their wedding later this Fall.  I first met them at Cate and Josh's wedding last year at Walker's Landing, and I cannot wait to photograph their own wedding.  They are getting married at San Marco's Preservation Hall and having the reception at Bella Sera in Riverside. Both venues are about 10 minutes away from my home, and I am super excited about that too!

I had so much fun with Erin and Alan during their engagement session. I am happy that they picked the Avondale area, which is pretty much a couple of minutes away from my home also. I am proud of my neighborhood and surrounding areas, and I am glad that they think it's beautiful also to have their engagement session done over this side of the town.  They live close to the beach, and they were such troopers for meeting me super early in the morning for the photo-shoot!  I just know that their wedding is going to be fun and laid-back just like them


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_03-1_zpse4ac387d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_01-1_zpsa17d9c10.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_02-1_zpsabad807d.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_04-1_zps0dc6f6ca.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_05-1_zps70c30657.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_06-1_zpsd3fac80c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_07-1_zps7bae1bc9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_08-1_zpscf16af21.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_09-1_zps3be2ae8c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_10-1_zps5b93dab1.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_11-1_zps8817de2c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_12-1_zps7d6ff510.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_13-1_zps9ec035f2.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_14-1_zps44af51f6.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_15-1_zpseeceb6e9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_16-1_zpsb4984c3e.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_17_zps6244b74e.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_18_zpsccd2d6c5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_19_zps171a021b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_20_zps2a133ff6.jpg

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