Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shelli and Jake's Baby Spring Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Always a blast photographing Shelli and Jake's baby girl because I get to photograph their other three handsome boys!  Their baby girl is about 4 months old right now, and I can't wait to photograph her again when she's about 8-9 months.  She should be able to sit up on her own then, and I look forward to our next photo location also!  I was happy when Shelli told me that they were fine with any locations but Alpine Groves Park because I have done quite a lot of photo sessions there already.  I love going to different places for photo-shoots, and I'm only getting more excited for our next one!


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_01-12_zps99d895ea.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_02-12_zps4da60386.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_03-12_zps690bfae7.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_04-12_zps84ce9c26.jpg
It got SO cold and windy just right before we started our photo session in San Marco Square.  Two guys from Channel 4 News interviewed Jake on what he thinks about the weather temperature dropping after a whole week of nice warm sunny days. Yep, I officially now have a "celebrity client!" :)

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_05-12_zps671d68d7.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_06-12_zps22bc0641.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_07-12_zps3d8624b8.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_08-12_zps02ddfd21.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_09-12_zps1132218d.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_10-12_zpsfd4df0b8.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_11-12_zps06203011.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_12-12_zpsf02e22f7.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_13-12_zpsb27fd7f2.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_14-11_zps31120446.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_15-11_zps17d4be08.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_16-9_zps54defd10.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_17-8_zps3041833b.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_18-8_zps86e923fe.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_19-5_zpse2c66720.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_20-7_zps8372be3c.jpg

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