Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kelly and John's Twins Newborn Session - Jacksonville FL Baby Photographer

Photographing newborn twins can be challenging, but it can also be wonderful because I get to take pictures of two cute adorable babies at the same time! Twice the cuteness, twice the fun! Kelly and John's twin girl and boy are adorable!!  I had such a blast taking their family pictures along with their little toddler, who is an awesome big brother by the way :)  I'm thankful for this family and that Kelly had connected with me since last Fall or Summer when she was pregnant with her twins.  We were supposed to have our maternity session just right before the holidays, but the twins decided that they were going to try arriving early.  So therefore, we never got around to doing our maternity session, but I am very happy that Kelly was fine and that the twins arrived safely without complications :)

Wish I have more twin newborn clients because they really are such joy to photograph!  Congratulations to Kelly and John!  They have a full house now along with their fur-babies too, but they sure are blessed to have this beautiful family :)


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_01_zps2cd74182.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_02_zps246a4e8f.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_03_zps9032d5f1.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_04_zpse8494111.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_05_zps6a241843.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_06_zps01046a29.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_07_zpse06a9bc7.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_08_zpsd09e0030.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_09_zpsef1aee69.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_10_zps78259c8f.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_11_zps30bfafc9.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_12_zpsa5a548a7.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_13_zps10dce688.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_14_zps93a8196a.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Twins_Photographer_15_zpsbf701851.jpg

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I love that last pic!


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