Saturday, April 07, 2012

Wedding Sneak Peeks - Jacksonville and St Augustine FL Wedding Photographer

It's Saturday, and I'm blogging a lot--wow! Perhaps because I don't have a wedding today? Speaking of weddings, you have may have seen a lot of family and baby pictures on my blog lately, and you're probably wondering if I were even a wedding photographer ;) I promise I photograph weddings also, and below are two sneak-peeks from two back-to-back weddings we've done recently. It rained at both weddings on that same weekend, but God made up for it by giving us such beautiful light and sky backdrop :)

Stay tuned for Taylor and Josh's wedding pictures as well as for Erin and Josh's wedding!

Have a Happy Easter!




Cory's Mom said...

Good job on these shots. I especially like the wedding with the sunset backdrop.


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Thanks, Mom!

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