Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kelly Moore Thirst Relief Bag - Jacksonville FL Wedding & Family Photographer

Just because I get all sweaty and dirty when I'm working at a photo-shoot, it doesn't mean that I can't stay fashionable and still be trendy right? Haha, I'm usually laying on the ground or climbing a tree to get my shots, so it's great to have a pretty and yet practical camera bag with me. Besides, by purchasing this particular awesome new Kelly Moore Thirst camera bag, a portion of the proceeds will provide a LIFETIME of clean drinking water for up to four people. Yeah, it's cool and you should check it out too. I am not affiliated with Kelly's products nor does she know that I'm blogging about this. So far, I love my bag and just wanted to share that with you if you're looking for a new camera bag :)


Here's a video where Kelly is explaining more about the camera bag :)

Have a great weekend!

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