Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wishful Wednesday - Vacations

Figured I'll blog my wishful travel plans here today :) With our brides and grooms going to AMAZING places for their honeymoons, and our good friends having awesome summer vacations... I decided to create a "To-Do List" for my dream vacations as well. I'm one of those people who get happy when I see things checked off from my list, and that also motivates me even more to complete the list :) So perhaps, I get to nail down and fulfill my...I mean "our" wishful vacation plans! :)

Jan 2011 - Philippines

June 2012 - Western USA Road Trip
Mt Rushmore, South Dakota
Yellowstone, Wyoming
Arches National Park, Utah
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Las Vegas, Nevada (5th Anniversary Celebration!)
And of course, visit as many
baseball stadiums as we can during the whole trip!

May 2013 - Europe Trip

June 2014 - Brazil
World Cup

July 2015 - Asia Trip

August 2016 - India

May 2017 - Greece & the Mediterranean Areas Trip

July 2018 - African Safari Trip

July 2019 - Europe Trip Part 2 (Italy)
Vatican City

August 2020 - Middle East Trip

Summer 2040...figured after a decade of traveling, we can take a 20-year break ;)
Bora Bora
Tahitian Islands
New Zealand

Now that I have shared with you the FUN PLACES we wish to visit... tell us about yours!

Lastly, I never post without a picture. It's such a big blessing and honor to photograph Erika and David's wedding in Sweden. I'm SO happy that we got the chance to visit this beautiful country and experience their culture :)


Stockholm,Sweden,Jacksonville FL Wedding Photographer,Corinna Hoffman


Anonymous said...

Hey Corinna,
I want to go to French Polynesia and Bora Bora sometime. That's my number one place that I want to get to at some point. But, other than that, you know me.... I want to go everywhere: Hawaii (have still never been there even though I'm as close as you could be on the mainland to it), more islands in the Caribbean, Fiji, Australia, and Asia. Also, I want to go on a Panama Canal cruise and African safari. You're list looks pretty great too!
Thanks for the thoughts to help get over the hump day (Weds),
Kellie K

Lisa Kretschmann said...

I want to go to Paris and Hong Kong...Those are my "dream" places!

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