Friday, June 11, 2010

Linda & Jonatan are Coming!

Bobby and I are super excited that a couple of our wonderful friends, Linda and Jonatan, are arriving today from Sweden! We had SO much fun hanging out with them, their family, and their friends when Bobby and I went to Sweden in March for Erika and David's wedding :) We had the best times of our lives, and we were very sad when we had to say our goodbyes. I was really sad that looking at all the pictures we took from our trip made me cry...yeah, there I said it, the pictures made me cry. So therefore, I never got around to posting them in my blog except for a few "sneak peeks" and of course, Erika and David's wedding pictures :)

Well, Linda and Jonatan's arrival is making me happy again that I think I will start posting the pictures in the blog--it's really quite beautiful there, and I want to share with you how lovely Sweden is (even when it's rainy and cold the whole time!) :) Will post "Something Sweden" once a day starting on Monday :)


Linda & Jonatan at Haga in Gothenburg :)
Sweden,Gothenburg,Stockholm,Fun Pictures

Shopping in Downtown Gothenburg & thank you, Kadri, for taking this shot :)

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Suzanne said...

What a pretty town!

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