Monday, June 07, 2010

Anniversary Date Night :)

For our 1st Year Anniversary, we had dinner with Shamu reservations at Sea World. Sadly, we both got sick earlier that day, and we never made it down to Orlando. Yeah, it was a crappy way to spend our 1 Year Anniversary. At least we got to eat a little bit of our wedding cake that we saved in our freezer (which btw, we still have some left to this day!) ;) Our 2nd Year Anniversary was the best! We were both in Asheville, NC that weekend, and spent some time in Gatlinburg, TN for some sightseeing and touristy stuff. Then right on our anniversary date, we spent the day at the Biltmore Estates. We did the mansion tour, ate ice cream on the big lawn, and had wine tasting :)

With our busy weekend schedules this year, we decided to just stay in the best place in the world, our home :) Started the day with shopping at Lowes for a brand new front door. Then we did some yard work in the morning, changed brake pads for my car, stopped by at Sephora to pick up my gift (yay for perfume!), went to see the movie Prince of Persia, and ate at one of the best restaurants in Jacksonville :) The ambiance and the stafff at Capital Grille is simply amazing, and not to mention the food was simply delish :) Highly recommend that place to anyone that's about to celebrate something wonderful like anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays :)

I can't wait for our 5th Year Anniversary and go back to Las Vegas!! Here's hoping Celine Dion will still be there performing :)

Hug your loved ones today and tell them how much you love them :) Life is too short to be angry and not forgive! :)



Little things like this one, a personal note from the chef on our to-go bag, make me happy and keep me wanting to go back to the same place :)

We had this card and confetti of hearts waiting on our reserved table :)

We both really enjoyed this movie, though it wasn't our first choice in the beginning. I'm glad we went to see this instead of Iron Man :)

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How sweet!


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