Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Lying Down Game

Pointless and seems kind of dumb, but I love it! I never heard of this trendy game before until last week at Jules Bianchi's Pictage Partner Conference photo-shooting workshop in New Orleans (which I will blog more about later!) :) It all started out when the awesome Kevin Kubota tagged along to our group shoot, and then he laid down on the train tracks. He caught me by surprise, but some of us including myself went along with it and did the same thing :)

Apparently, this is a world-wide craze! The website is not as updated, but there a lot of funny photos in its official Facebook page. Check 'em out and hey, go out there and have fun! Then tell me all about it and share your pictures. If you already have your own, please share and let me know where I can view it :)


Here's Kevin starting the lying down game!

Handed my camera to Erin Saldana to take this shot :) Thanks, girl!

I'm actually in this picture, and I'm the one in the white at the very end (starting from the bottom of the picture)!

Handed my camera to Kevin to take this group shot and gotta love Jules Bianchi for lying down :)

1 comment :

joy bianchi brown said...

This was awesome! thanks for coming, and for participating! :-)

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