Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

I can still remember that one horrid morning when I first heard of the attack... I was working in the computer area at my college library when one student shouted out that the World Trade Center has been hit by a plane. Remembering his voice of concern and shock still gives me goosebumps to this day :( My mom also worked at the library and she and her co-workers all changed the TV channels to CNN. I just remembered being dizzy, and I really thought the second coming of Jesus Christ is coming then (don't judge!) ;-)

Today, I want to take a moment of silence to remember all the innocent lives that were lost on that day, NYPD, NYFD, and all the brave souls that all came together to help each other out on that day. My heart goes out to the pets also that waited and waited for their masters to come home but never came :(

God bless, America and our Armed Forces (active and vets) that protect and fight for our freedom daily!!

Below are a several shots of the Ground Zero that Bobby and I took from our trip to NYC last month. We enjoyed a 3-day mini vacation after photo-shooting Angelique & Gerry's beautiful wedding in NYC :)



Sonja said...

oh Corinna. I've been reading 9/11 posts all day but yours brought tears to my eyes. Reading about the pets waiting for their masters that never came made my heart ache. (sounds silly I know) I couldn't imagine how my furbabies would feel (because they have feelings too :)) if I didn't come home one day.

My heart aches for those who lost loved ones aswell but I've been able to contain myself for the most part all day.

Thanks for sharing! Those pictures are beautiful & have so much meaning behind them.


April said...

I took it ok at first, but after a week or so I was terrified of Jesus's second coming. "Am I really saved? Will He take me with Him?" And being concerned for those that would get left behind.

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