Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictage User Group (PUG)

It's always fun to network with other photographers, and back in July when I was up in Asheville, NC, I had the chance to attend the Asheville PUG (Pictage User Group) and meet a lot of COOL photographers like Regina Holder, Corey McNabb, Jarrad Lister, and Craig & Lindsey Mahaffey of Sposa Bella Photo.

We have the Jacksonville PUG as well, and it's so fun to get together once a month and either have a business forum or go out on a night shoot :) Earlier this year, the Jacksonville PUG got the chance to get together for a fun night shoot in San Marco area and that was so much fun!

I'm looking forward to going on a road trip with several photogs to New Orleans in November for the Pictage Partner Conference 2009 :) Awesome photogs like Mike Colon, Joe Buissink, Carlos Baez, and the oh-so wonderful Kevin Kubota will be there as well :)

By the way, Pictage is also my third vendor that handles all of my clients' print orders and albums :) It's $99 a month for the membership fee, but I think it's worth it that I don't have to worry about print and album order transactions for every wedding. :)

Here's a couple of pictures from the Asheville PUG:

And here's a couple of pictures from the Jacksonville PUG night shoot earlier this year (I really need a current one!):


regina holder said...

thanks for the blog love. it was great meeting you. hopefully, we can get together again soon!

Sposa Bella Photography said...

So great getting to meet you in Asheville. Hope to see you again soon! Best of luck!

Jarrad Lister said...

Hi Corinna! Your work is looking awesome. Hope to see you and your husband at the next PUG.

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